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When to visit Boquete

From January to April, summer passes, with a very pleasant climate, it is the time of the year in which Boquete receives many national and international tourists. Known as the dry season, the rains are scarce although you can find the famous "Bajareque". A light drizzle maintains the forest with an intense green color forming a natural setting that fills this mountain town with life and freshness. You will also be able to observe many rainbows that form a wonderful and unique landscape.

The summers are the best part of the year to explore this region and be outdoors. You can go hiking, bathe in the rivers and waterfalls, climb to the top of the Barú volcano, or do any other of the many activities that there are to enjoy. You should bear in mind that as there are more people visiting Boquete, it may be more difficult to find availability in hotels or restaurants. That is why we suggest you make your reservation in advance.

From May to November the weather is more humid and rainy and the arrival of visitors decreases, the perfect environment for those who want more tranquility and more affordable hotel rates.

The winter or rainy season begins and is characterized by a cooler climate with more frequent and intense rains. A typical day in this season generally begins with a cool and sunny morning that will allow you to do outdoor activities in the same way as in the summer, you just have to take advantage of the early morning. At noon it gets cloudy and then gives way to rain. Some of the options for those rainy afternoons are a coffee or rum tasting tour, a spa day, enjoying the diverse gastronomic offerings, or taking the opportunity to rest with the relaxing sound of the rain in the background.

Many agree that the best time of the year to visit Boquete is in December, the time of the year when the seasons transition, and as a result, you can enjoy a very pleasant climate with little rain, sunny days, and moderate temperatures. Year after year more and more people come to Boquete to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

When choosing the dates to visit Boquete we suggest that you have into account some of the most popular events and festivals such as the annual Fair of Flowers and Coffee in January, the Jazz Festival that is celebrated between February or March, April 11, the day of the foundation of Boquete, and the patriotic parades of November 28 among others.

In Boquete fun has no season, you will always find something to do and have fun. We are waiting for you at any time of the year!

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