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Visiting the Barú Volcano

Visiting the volcano is an attraction that year after year is becoming more popular among those who visit Boquete due to the incredible views that can be seen from the top. Added to this, for those who decide to walk up, it becomes a physical challenge that generates great satisfaction. For those who do not dare to go up on foot or have little time, there is the possibility of going up through a 4x4 truck tour.

It is the highest peak in Panama at 3,475 meters, its summit offers a wonderful 360-degree view of the area, on days when there are no clouds it is possible to see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. You can also see some wild animals such as howler monkeys and a wide variety of birds.

The temperature is variable since it can be hot during the day depending on the sun but at night at the top, it can be quite cold. That is why we recommend you wear suitable clothing for both situations. It is important to take into account the rain, especially from May to November, so bringing an extra change of clothes might be a good idea.

The volcano is located 50 km from the Pacific Ocean and about 40 km from the Atlantic, on the outskirts of Boquete, and is the main attraction of the Volcán Barú National Park.

If you are a lover of outdoor activities and you want to walk to the top, you have two options to choose from. The road that is in the town of Volcán, takes approximately 8 hours and is more demanding. Or if you are looking for an easier path, you can ascend from Boquete, it is longer but easier. When you reach the top, do not forget to observe one of the seven craters that are there. We recommend that you hire a guide to handle yourself more safely and not miss out on learning about the natural details.

On the other hand, if you prefer an easier and equally fun option, we suggest you go up by means of an excursion in a 4x4 truck. In this way, you can avoid long walks and still enjoy the spectacular view that the top offers you. The departure times will allow you to be just in time for sunrise, you just have to be willing to get up early, around 3 am, to start this unforgettable adventure.

If you visit Boquete, do not miss the opportunity to live this unique experience. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and recommendations.

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