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The Boquete Geisha Coffee

Known for its favorable conditions for growing coffee, Boquete has become the ideal land for planting this precious grain that is becoming more popular in the world year after year. Geisha Arabica varietal coffee.

In recent years, Geisha coffee has been awarded prizes in different national and international tastings.

The characteristics that stand out are its great sweetness, purity, fruit notes, floral aroma, and citric finish. It is suggested to taste this coffee without adding sugar to be able to identify its aromas and tastes.

This variety originated in Ethiopia and arrived in Panama in 1960. Francisco Serracín, the founder of the Don Pachi farm, was the one who introduced the Geisha variety to the country. A man with great vision and a pioneer in considering coffee a product with a differentiated future, redirecting it to specific markets that demand higher quality and exclusivity.

Since Panama has dedicated itself to the production of this coffee, it has managed to position itself worldwide as a high-quality producer with industry in full development.

In 2022, the Lamastus Family sold a pound of geisha coffee for more than $6,000, breaking records. It was a batch from Finca Elida of which only seven pounds were produced.

Geisha coffee plants are known for their tall, elongated cherry-shaped bean. The mountainous highlands provide the ideal elevation for its cultivation. Another factor that favors planting is the soil rich in nutrients provided by eruptions of the Barú Volcano more than 400 years ago. Added to this, the area's microclimate creates a perfect environment to provide its own characteristics that differentiate it.

The new generations that consume coffee are more interested in experiencing new flavors that break with the classic drink of years ago. Floral and fruit notes prevail over the traditional dark roast.

The key when starting to consume a specialty coffee is to know its proper preparation so as not to interfere with or limit its flavor and thus achieve optimal tasting. In Panama, many proposals to learn about this topic seek to improve consumer knowledge.

Attending a tea or coffee shop in Boquete is an excellent opportunity to learn everything about this topic. You will be able to learn about production, preparation, and tasting. You can also buy the coffee directly from the producers and access specialties that are only found in Boquete.

There is a wide variety of coffee tour options. They generally start in the morning around nine o'clock and last approximately 3 hours. It is also possible to find schedules in the afternoon depending on the farm.

Some of the coffee farms where you can take a tour with tasting are Finca La Milagrosa, Finca Elida, Finca Kotowa, Finca Ruiz, and Finca Dos Jefes.

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